Fermented wholecrop brings all round benefits

Dairy farmer from Co. Laois talks fermented wholecrop

Fermented wholecrop has ensured more consistent yields of high starch forage and a better integrated farming system for one dairy farmer from Co. Laois.            

Brian Rohan is a dairy farmer from Shanahoe, Co. Laois. In the past Brian grew maize under plastic until Forage Systems introduced him to Triticale. Brian is delighted with his triticale wholecrop as it suits his farming system. Brian says 'Fermented wholecrop certainly seems to suit us, the yields and quality are constant year on year, but the great leap forward in feeding wholecrop is the Biotal inocualant Wholecrop Gold.' Brian Continues, 'using Biotal Wholecrop Gold has improved preservation, reduced losses and increases the ME of the end product. Brian concludes, 'I have been making wholecrop for 10 years and although I tried it once without an inoculant, I would never make wholecrop without Biotal Wholecrop Gold again.'