Golden Flake

Extremely high in energy
• Increases milk yield
Good balance between C16 & C18 content
• C16 helps improve butterfat
• C18 helps body condition scores
• Helps reduce bodyweight loss in early lactation, this is linked to improved fertility
Protected from rumen degradation
• Does not interfere with fibre digestion in the rumen
• Energy is delivered to the small intestine where it is used more efficiently
Ease of handling
• Golden-coloured, free-flowing flakes are easily handled and mix very well into the ration

Depending on the stage of lactation and level of feeding, using Golden Flake typically results in a milk yield rise of 2 to 2.5 litres/cow/day compared to feeding no protected fat.


Feeding Rates

Dairy Cows 200 - 500g/hd/day

Beef Cattle 150 - 250g/hd/day

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As with other dry feeds, fats should be stored in cool dry conditions. Care should be taken to ensure correct amounts are weighed into rations and that the straight material is kept well away from animal contact. Fats are normally available to all areas throughout the year, though adequate notice needs to be given to ensure timely delivery of small loads.


Disclaimer: Errors and Omissions Excepted. All sales are subject to terms and conditions - copy available on request. Please consult our qualified agricultural advisors.

Suggested feeding rates are produced as a guide only and many other factors may have an overriding effect on animal response; no performance guarantee can be given.

Rations should be carefully balanced for energy and protein, contain sufficient forage to maintain rumen function and be fortified with an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement. Animals must have constant access to clean water.

In all activities Specialist Nutrition adheres to the highest standard of health and safety procedures, and environmental compliance. We strongly recommend to all customers that they review their farm health and safety practices, and work environment to ensure they operate in a safe working environment.